Reporter Fabricio Romano, a transfer market expert, used the expression “HERE WE GO” on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) to announce that Hiroki Ito’s transfer to Munich has been confirmed. Romano said, “Munich has confirmed the signing of Hiroki Ito after paying 30 million euros (about 44.5 billion won) for his buyout. Munich will sign a five-year contract with Ito, and medical tests will be conducted next week.”

Reporter Romano had previously mentioned, “Munich will trigger Ito’s buyout, and Ito has decided to join Munich.” He added, “Ito Hiroki was Munich’s top recruitment target along with Jonathan Ta and João Palinha.” The transfer was officially made after Romano’s announcement with the expression ‘HERE WE GO’.

Munich expects to strengthen its defense, Hiroki Ito

Hiroki Ito’s addition is expected to greatly benefit the Munich defense, as expected by 토토사이트. Ito’s outstanding defensive ability and fast play perfectly fit Munich’s tactics, and synergy with Kim is also expected. Ito will also have the opportunity to further develop his career in Munich. Already a promising player in Japanese soccer, who is receiving international attention, the move will pave the way for his further growth in Europe.

Upon completion of the transfer, Hiroki Ito will likely be positioned as Munich’s new core of defense. His outstanding skills and harmony with other players in the team will be important factors that will lead to Munich’s success.

Changes brought about by Hiroki Ito’s addition

Hiroki Ito’s joining in Munich is expected to bring a variety of positive changes to the team. His versatile defensive skills will greatly increase Munich’s tactical flexibility. Ito can show excellent performances at both center and left backs, providing great flexibility in the composition of the team’s defense.

In addition, the recruitment of Ito will be a significant opportunity for Munich to resolve the left-back position issue that they have been agonizing over. His low buyout amount provides Munich with a huge financial advantage as well. With his contract with Alfonso Davis delayed, Ito can increase the team’s competitiveness as an out-of-the-box resource.

Hiroki Ito’s joining in Munich is expected to create synergy effects with other players in the team. His outstanding defensive skills and quick feet are expected to perfectly fit Munich’s tactics, which will lead to an overall improvement in the team’s performance. With Ito’s joining, Munich will have a stronger defense, which will allow for a more stable game management in the coming seasons.

Hiroki Ito picks Munich over Al Ahli and Tottenham

Hiroki Ito was interested in Al Ahli and Tottenham Hotspur, but his final choice was Munich. Munich’s first signing under Vincent Kompany was originally expected to be Palinha for Fulham, but negotiations were delayed due to differences in his transfer fee. As a result, Ito will join the Allianz Arena more quickly.

Germany’s “Barbarian Football” predicted that Ito will be mainly used as a left-back. If Alfonso Davis is renewed and Rafael Guerreiro can play together, Ito may also be used as a center back, so it is expected to compete with Kim Min-jae. Ito is expected to contribute greatly to the team by expanding Munich’s defensive operations along with Kim Min-jae.


Hiroki Ito’s addition to Munich is expected to greatly improve the team’s tactical flexibility and performance through his versatile defensive skills and quick feet. Having chosen Munich over Al Ahli and Tottenham, Ito will form a strong defense with Kim Min-jae to strengthen Munich’s rear stability. His low buyout amount and ability to play various positions are expected to play a critical role in increasing the team’s economic efficiency and relieving anxiety about his left-back position. With Ito’s addition, Munich will be reborn as a stronger team.

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